S.E.A Aquarium Learning Journey

SEA Aquarium
(Photo taken before Covid-19)

On 2nd May 2019, our children from PG to K2 level had meaningful Learning Journey at S.E.A Aquarium. There were 70 children , 11 teachers and 9 parent volunteers attended joining the Learning Journey. The trip started at 9am and with everyone on board the school bus, our journey began. As we reached our destination, the children were very excited to see the different sea creatures in the aquarium. The teachers prepared different activity sheets for the children to answer during the trip. Teachers and parents help in explaining the different names and species of the sea creatures such as Sea Jellies, Nurse Sharks, Reef Manta Ray, Clownfish and many more. Children had the opportunities to experience touching the Starfish and had close encounter with the small sea creatures, plant and colourful corals in the aquarium. The children also learned about the importance of marine life which was explained by their respective teachers as they walked around the aquarium. The Learning Journey ends at 2:30pm and everyone went back tired but had a fruitful day.