Little Volunteers at Fo Guang Shan

Little Volunteer Cleaning the Main Shrine
(Photo taken before Covid-19)

“We are the Little Volunteers from Ci Ai Education Incubator. See how serious we are at work!” This programme is especially planned for the Kindergarten 2 children as we believe that to cultivate compassion and responsibility

, they need to put these character traits into action. Children shall be able to practise the Three Acts of Goodness through this simple yet meaningful activity. This cleaning activity gives the children opportunity to learn about their roles and responsibilities in keeping the environment clean and is also a way for them to do good deeds, which is by providing a clean environment for the people who visit Fo Guang Shan (Singapore). The act of speaking good words is shown when they request for an exchange of responsibility with their peers in a respectful way and expressing their thanks to them when help is offered. Consistent safety reminders from the teachers on how to carry out the cleaning activity in an orderly manner also help the children to cultivate good thoughts during the activity. We are hopeful that the children will learn to make a difference in their communities and society by their action and participating in voluntary work and knowing that their selfless actions will make a difference.